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SUNDAY Collab is an independent coffee, tea and lifestyle brand. Committed to reducing our impact on the planet.

The Tasting Room

Born in Hossegor on the South West coast of France the SUNDAY Collab Coffee brand incorporates a surf/beach lifestyle theme that associates with all that is SUNDAY, surf, brunch, beach. SUNDAY Collab Coffee offers 2 Blends, ‘The Original Blend” and “The Green Room Blend” the latter being “Rain Forest Alliance” certified.  SUNDAY Collab Coffee is roasted in North Eastern Italy at the base of the Dolomite Mountains. Our coffee beans come from plantations worldwide. If in Hossegor come visit The Tasting Room at 1 Allée de la Chapelle, 40150 Soorts Hossegor. Monday – Friday 10h-12h / 14h-17h

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Surf * Beach * Art

It is a great time to be a surfer. The “ride anything” credo has never been stronger. SUNDAY collab has access to some of the most sought after board builders on the planet. Surfboards are our passion the backbone and driving force to our lifestyle.

Art, craftsmanship and communication are key to SUNDAY collab. It documents what we believe in, it is our community. We will be working with featured artists not only offering their works through limited distribution but also collaborating on commissioned designs incorporated within the SUNDAY collab experience.

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The window to our collaborations, inspirations, community, happenings.

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Carl Wieser and Reid Pinder were raised through the global amateur and professional surfing fraternity. this friendship lead to a partnership of marketing and brand building in the global board sports industry which now extends over 25 years. the brand SUNDAY Collab is inspired by family, friends and lifestyle.